Benefits in supporting local landscaper

Locally owned small businesses are the backbone of America. They not only provide homeowners with alternatives to big box stores, but they spend locally as well. This is especially true with the local, family and veteran owned GreenLawn by Design. We purchase our product from local businesses in the community. It is much more cost effective to buy trees, shrubs, mulch and groundcover locally than ship them in from other areas. This keeps the money you spend on landscaping in the local community.

GreenLawn by Design is deeply invested in the community. The well-being of the local economy directly influences the health of our business. We invest back in the community and people by providing well paid summer job opportunities for the youth. Furthermore, we see ourselves as part of the community because, well, our mark is everywhere. When we complete a job in the community, we not only see that customer again, but also see our work every time we drive by and that is rewarding.

More Reliable

Residents want to do business with a company that shows up when they say they will, does the job they set out to do, and sticks to a price they budgeted from the start. As a Veteran-Owned and Operated Company, we are accountable to our family and friends in the community. We rely on repeat customers and our local reputation to stay in business. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and we are proud that both repeat work and customer referrals have helped us grow over the past 18 years. You can rest easy knowing your favorite landscaper lives in the community and will be around years from now to keep your home looking just right.

Professional Knowledge

Licensing is important in professional lawn care. A company that provides local lawn care services without a license could be lacking the knowledge to properly take care of your lawn. Our lawn care technicians attend trainings and testing sessions throughout the year. They are certified in 3a and 3b (most competitor’s applicators are licensed with a RT only). This assures the safe use of pesticides and can help prevent misuse mishandling. Let GreenLawn by Design’s lawn care professionals give you peace of mind knowing your yard will be safe. We live in the community and understand the different soil, weather, and needs. We have been working with the same conditions for years. We understand the terrain and can instantly tell homeowners what will work best for your unique situation.

Local CharacterVeteran-Owner-Royce-Simpkins

You know who you’re dealing with at GreenLawn by Design. Even if you never used our services before, you see us around. While you drive by the same chain stores, it’s refreshing to see local businesses thriving. What would Hamilton County be without the authenticity and flare of the small business sector? While many communities took this for granted in the past, local businesses in Hamilton County now provide a sense of home in a homogenous and cookie-cutter world.

GreenLawn by Design recognizes that a lot of companies have the ability to do the jobs they are hired to do; there are many skilled lawn care and landscape professionals in the Green Industry. But what sets GreenLawn by Design apart are the principles that Royce and Catherine Simpkins founded the business on in the first place — trust, honesty, integrity, and most importantly, a customer-driven focus. Royce is a 20 year veteran and has taken his experience from the military and applied it to GreenLawn by Design. They are proud of what they’ve accomplished, grateful for the continued business of the community, and looking forward to many more years of success.

There you have it. The benefits of using GreenLawn by Design go beyond simply making your yard stand out. We provide prosperity and create community. Contact us today and see what all the fuss is about 317-804-8088!