Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living Space Services in Carmel & Westfield, IN

GreenLawn by Design is committed to providing Carmel, Indiana area residents with the best outdoor living environments. We work one-on-one with you to create your dream outdoor space by understanding your wants and needs. Changing the structural appearance of your home’s front and backyards is also an integral part of the landscaping process.

Patios, Walkways, Outdoor Living Spaces, Retaining Walls, Water Features and Lighting Features add another ‘finishing touch’ to your landscape design. Installing the ‘right’ hardscape to your home’s outdoor environment not only enhances the beauty and structural integrity of your landscape, they can also increase the value of the property itself. Another way to increase the value of a home is to add in some landscaping for privacy.

Patios & Walkways

Want to boost the value of your home? Add a patio or a walkway. Not only does a patio expand the living and entertainment space of your home, it can also add real value to your home’s bottom line. Patios and walkways lay the groundwork for an integrated landscape, leading you from one outdoor area to another. Whether you are looking for a natural flagstone walkway to your garage or a patio for your backyard, GreenLawn by Design has the experience to guide you every step of the way.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Roasting marshmallows, grilling kabobs, kicking back, your back lawn is calling for you to come outside and relax, and a quality paver patio can help make that happen. Paver Patios are a low-cost, low-maintenance means of expanding your home’s living space. Add an outdoor kitchen for an amazing way to entertain guests. Whether designed to be functional or astonishing, outdoor kitchens allow you to display your culinary talents outside the confines of your house. Whether warming up chilled hands in mid-November or warding off pesky mosquitoes, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit has a myriad of benefits.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are considered essential for lands sloping downhill, since it helps contain soil behind its wall system (both vertically and horizontally). Retaining walls work to prevent soil or ground movement from erosion, wet soil and landslides from occurring. There are several different types of different retaining walls used in residential landscaping, including:

  • Gravity Walls – This design is suitable for smaller gardens or elevated garden beds. This type of retaining wall usually does not measure any higher than 4 feet tall. This particular design helps hold back soil behind a smaller wall, relying on the weight bearing down it.
  • Segmental Walls – This design is made for walls that measure more than 4 feet high. It works as a reinforced wall system for medium to large wall heights. Segmental retaining walls are typically built using modular, interlocking concrete blocks that work to hold back a sloping face of soil, creating a solid, vertical front.
  • Curvaceous Walls – This design is best for wall heights that do not exceed 11 feet total. Each elevation measures as much as 3.5 feet high, interconnecting in four different levels. This design provides the most curb appeal for a home’s landscape, especially if you have a garden setting.

Water Features

Water features transform an outdoor living space into a tranquil place to settle and breathe. Whether it is a pond, fountain or waterfall, a well designed water feature provides a soothing retreat and a beautiful focal point within your overall landscape. Adding a water feature to you landscape will not only enhance the beauty of your yard, but also provide you with your own aquatic oasis.

Lighting Features

There are many reasons to consider landscape lighting for your yard. Illuminating the areas surrounding your house at night is both safe and aesthetically pleasing. GreenLawn by Design offers various possibilities for economical and ecologically sound landscape lighting. We can showcase your important features by various lighting techniques that make your home come alive at night. Illuminate your landscaping beautifully with landscape lighting from GreenLawn by Design!

At GreenLawn by Design, we are committed to providing you with the best landscaping services Hamilton County has to offer. Our team of expert landscapers are true visionaries in the field of Indiana landscaping. If you’re looking to increase curb appeal, refresh your outdoor living space, create a relaxing paradise in your own back yard, or give your front-entry courtyard a face-lift, contact GreenLawn by Design today. Give us a call today at 317-804-8088 or fill out our contact form for more information.

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