About Us

About GreenLawn By Design

Nineteen years ago, Catherine and Royce Simpkins embarked on their entrepreneurial journey, founding GreenLawn by Design in their garage. Their deep-rooted connection, dating back to third grade, laid the groundwork for a successful partnership fueled by shared values cultivated in their rural Indiana upbringing.

Catherine’s upbringing on her family’s century-old farm instilled in her a strong work ethic and appreciation for agriculture. Armed with a marketing degree, she honed her skills in customer service while breaking barriers as the first female manager at a farm service company.

Meanwhile, Royce’s 20-year tenure in the U.S. Army provided him with invaluable leadership experience and a degree in Business Management. Following his military career, he furthered his expertise in lawn care management and earned certifications as a commercial pesticide applicator.

With their combined backgrounds and unwavering dedication, Catherine and Royce launched GreenLawn by Design in Carmel, Indiana, equipped with little more than a truck, a cart, and a commitment to exceptional service. Upholding principles of respect and integrity, they quickly established themselves as Carmel’s premier lawn care and landscaping provider.

Since 2004, GreenLawn by Design has set the standard for excellence in the Carmel area, earning praise for their meticulous work and unwavering reliability. “We take pride in the quality of our services and the trust we’ve earned from our clients,” says Royce Simpkins, reflecting on their journey. With a firm belief in their mission, Catherine and Royce continue to shape landscapes and exceed expectations, one lawn at a time.