Tree and Shrub Program

5-Step Tree and Shrub Program

GreenLawn by Design’s 5-step Tree and Shrub Program is designed to help you get the maximum benefit out of your landscape. Precisely formulated our fertilization application improves plant growth, bloom potential and general vigor. The friendly technicians at GreenLawn by Design are licensed and certified by the Indiana State Chemist at Purdue.

Ornamental trees and shrubs grow and change each season, requiring regular maintenance. Each new season introduces threats, including disease, insects, and weather, that can damage or destroy your trees and shrubs. This program works to prevent damage by administering a preventative systemic insecticide prior to every Spring which works throughout the Spring and Summer months. On certain plants which are susceptible to fungal infections, our technician will also apply preventative antifungal treatments at the appropriate times

We also provide precisely formulated fertilization for improved plant growth, bloom potential and general vigor. Carefully timed fertilizers during the growing season help produce bright blooms on flowering plants and deeper green foliage on trees and shrubs.

You’ve invested a lot in your landscape and this program will help you reap the greatest rewards from that investment.

Round 1

Dormant Oil Application

Dormant oil applied to all trees and shrubs to prevent overwintering insects from emerging in Spring.

Round 2

Fungicide + Systemic Insecticide

This application uses two separate products to help landscape plants to stay healthy 

throughout the Spring. The fungicide applied to prevent fungal infections such as Leaf Spot, which are common during the warm, moist months of Spring. A “systemic” insecticide is also applied to prevent Spring insects from boring into the woody and leafy tissue of landscape plants as they come out of dormancy. Systemic insecticides work by 

entering the vascular system of the plant then killing any insect which tries to feed on the plant material.

Round 3

 Slow- Release Fertilizer + Contact Insecticide

Application of balanced fertilizer to help blooming plants produce strong buds for vibrant blooms to follow, as well as creating brilliant foliage in non-flowering trees & shrubs. Since insect pests are common in Indiana throughout the growing season, we use a “contact” insecticide each Summer, which as the name denotes, kills any insects it comes in direct contact with inside the landscape.

Round 4


This application is customized every season depending on what type of pests might be present at the time. At GreenLawn by Design, we pay special attention to reports from the and officials to make sure we stay ahead of damaging insects throughout the growing season

Round 5

Deep Root Fertilizer Injections

This application is geared towards replenishing the nutrients and micro-nutrients in the soil for the trees in the landscape. This treatment will help trees expand and strengthen their existing root zone, thereby improving their overall health and vigor.

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