Lawn Mowing Services in Carmel & Westfield, IN

GreenLawn by Design provides Lawn Mowing Services in Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville and the surrounding greater Hamilton County area. Mowing services start in late March and end in late November (depending on weather conditions). Our lawn mowing service is performed on a weekly basis on the same day each week. We use state-of-the-art commercial mowers, trimmers and blowers and we take whatever time it requires to make every lawn look good and healthy. We never leave clumps of grass behind. Clumps of grass reduce the eye-pleasing quality of freshly cut turf, and suffocate the grass underneath. We sharpen our blades at least once a week. Sharp mower blades help the lawn grow healthier, and provide a crisp and tidy look. As long as the lawn is mowed on a regular basis the clippings readily filter back down into the lawn, clippings do not need to be collected. Returned in this manner, clippings readily decompose and do not cause thatch build-up. Clippings also recycle nutrients such as Nitrogen and water. Save money on your lawn mowing services when you add our lawn care services.

We continuously alter the cutting pattern. Over time, if the cutting pattern remains the same or is varied infrequently, unsightly grooves will develop in the lawn. We take great care to put a precise edge on all that gets trimmed. We hire Indiana’s Best Employees rather than temps or subcontractors to ensure you know who is on your lawn each time. Locally Owned & operated by 20 year Veteran!

For a thick, green, lush, weed-free lawn trust the locally, veteran-owned experts at GreenLawn by Design. We do more than make your grass green….we make your neighbors green with envy! Please call us 317-804-8088 or complete the contact form for your Free Estimate!

We’re conveniently located in Carmel, IN, just minutes away from Westfield, Fishers, Noblesville, Zionsville and surrounding areas.

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