GreenLawn by Design has been setting the standard for high-quality lawn care and landscaping services in the Hamilton County, Indiana area since 2004. Our award-winning lawn care and landscaping services have earned the 2017 coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award for the 3rd year consecutively. We are proud of the quality of our work and the excellent lawn care services we provide. We work hard to be a company you can count on, and we think it shows. We’re the #1 Locally and Veteran Owned Lawn Care and Landscape Company in Carmel, Indiana.

GreenLawn by Design’s pledge begins with a commitment to you. We pledge to deliver the highest level of service and workmanship at all times while providing the maximum value for every landscape dollar on-time and on-budget. We are an award winning, full-service residential and commercial landscape and lawn care company in Carmel, Indiana that understands the importance of your investment. GreenLawn by Design promises greater value by providing our services at competitive rates and guaranteeing your satisfaction with our leadership, service and accountability you expect with a Veteran-Owned Company. We invite you to experience for yourself a partnership that so many Hamilton County home-owners have come to trust.

Aeration and Seeding

GreenLawn by Design uses the highest quality seed, fertilizer and top of the line aerator’s that are guaranteed to aerate your lawn better than the competition resulting in a more lush and healthy lawn, making your yard the envy of your neighborhood. Aeration and over-seeding is recognized by lawn experts as the best treatment to control thatch, reduce compaction, improve drainage, increase air, water and nutrients to the roots, fill-in bare spots, increase the effectiveness of fertilizer, and revitalize growth.

Special Offer

*If there is one thing we love more than our lawns, it’s our clients! If you refer a friend and they become a customer, you can receive a *$25 Credit toward your GreenLawn by Design Program.

Landscaping Services

We know how important your landscaping is for curbside appeal and the overall look of your property. However, landscape maintenance is time-consuming and difficult. That’s why we offer seasonal landscaping services through much of the year. Creating an outdoor living space enhances your total home enjoyment experience.

Spring Clean-up

Greenlawn by Design’s spring clean-up and mulch install gives your property the beautiful curb appeal you expect from an award-winning landscape company. We blow-out the leaves and light debris. We remove garbage, twigs, and fallen leaves. We put a fresh edge on all the beds. A deeper edge better contains the mulch to the bed, and holds up under rough weather conditions. We always provide a straight line or the proper curve to the bed.

Bed Weed Control

GreenLawn by Design’s annual bed weed management program is designed to control weeds in both your mulch and ornamental beds. Our Bed Weed Management Program starts in early spring and is specifically designed for the Hamilton County-area. We understand the importance of your property’s curb appeal. When your landscape beds are becoming choked with grasses and broadleaf weeds it is unsightly and frustrating. We’ve developed a 5 application Bed Weed Management Program starting in early spring that is specifically designed for the Hamilton County-area.

Fertilizer & Weed Control

GreenLawn by Design’s healthy and eco-friendly lawn fertilizer and weed control services will bring you a beautiful, green, healthy lawn with strong roots and thick turf using less fertilizer and pesticides. Our 6-Step Lawn Care Program adds vital nutrients back into the soil, resulting in a healthier and vital lawn that our clients expect and deserve. It’s a friendly approach to the environment, has technical superiority and the approach is more sustainable –it’s the right choice! With this proven sustainable lawn treatment program you will have a green and healthy lawn all season long!

Preventive Grub Control

GreenLawn by Design offers a guaranteed grub control application to prevent extensive and devastating damage from various types of white grubs, including May/June Beetles, masked chafers, oriental beetles, and Japanese beetles. The product will be applied typically from mid-June to early August before the grubs hatch in the lawn. With this material in place, grubs will not be able to feed on the lawn and cause damage. When properly applied within this time frame, 1 – 2 applications a year is all that is needed to protect your investment in your lawn. Sign up today to prevent damage to your lawn.

Lawn Mowing Services

GreenLawn by Design’s lawn mowing service is the best. We never leave clumps of grass behind. Clumps of grass reduce the eye-pleasing quality of freshly cut turf, and suffocate the grass underneath. We sharpen our blades at least once a week. Sharp mower blades help the lawn grow healthier, and provide a crisp and tidy look.

Perimeter Pest Control

GreenLawn by Design’s offers a professional perimeter pest control program formulated for the Carmel, IN area to get rid of uninvited guests, ensuring your home is pest-free. We provide an invisible barrier that helps protect your home from crawling insects such as spiders, ants and centipedes.

Tree and Shrub Care Services

GreenLawn by Design’s professional ornamental tree and shrub application program keeps your landscaping beautiful with green, healthy trees and shrubs that have strong roots. Our tree and shrub application program has been developed over the years and concentrates on the beauty and health of these eye-catching additions and is specially formulated for the Indianapolis-area. Consistency is key with this program, and our experienced, licensed technicians monitor and treat insect and disease activity on all plants covered by our maintenance program.

Pay Online

We are happy to announce a new way for you to pay your bill on-line. We now accept Visa, Master Card and PayPal. Please click on “BluePay” button to process credit card payments. There is no extra charge for paying via Visa and Master Card.

Flea and Tick Reduction

GreenLawn by Design’s flea and tick reduction is an affordable addition to our Supreme Lawn Care Package and is well worth the investment to protect your family and pets! While fleas and ticks do not damage lawns or landscapes, they can easily move inside on pets or humans and cause serious skin irritation and transmit dangerous diseases. GreenLawn by Design can help protect your family by reducing these harmful pests with treatments in the late Spring and late Summer. This flea and tick reduction service can, however, be performed any time the need arises! Please contact us today for all your flea and tick reduction needs!