Prepay Lawn Care Save 5%

Prepay and Save 5% on Your Lawn Care Services This Year At GreenLawn by Design, we like to give you options. In mid-January every year, GreenLawn by Design sends out our annual prepayment offer. This offer is not a contract or an invoice, it is an opportunity for you to take care of all your […]

Choose the Perfect Holiday Gift: Lawn Care

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift that’s both unique and thoughtful? Try lawn care services from GreenLawn by Design. A lawn care program from GreenLawn by Design is the kind of gift that keeps on giving. Bless someone with the gift of a beautiful lawn all year long. Here are five reasons why […]

Fall Leaf Removal Services

Trees in the Carmel Westfield area are quickly loosing there leaves and temperatures are growing colder. While we enjoy the last of the beautiful weather, we are heading into colder days as December grows closer. Fall clean-up services are a necessity of fall landscape maintenance. Call GreenLawn by Design for your last minute fall cleanup […]

Benefits of Core Aeration

For years, golf courses have known that the secret to a beautiful, dense turf is to core aerate their golf courses two or three times each year. What is Core Aeration? Core Aeration is the process of making thousands of small holes in the turf. These holes allow fertilizer, water and air to reach the […]

Favorite Landscape Ideas for Late Summer

We love our summers here in the Carmel, Indiana area. All we want to do is get outside and soak up the fleeting sunny weather! If we’re really going to make the most of it, we better do it in style. That means filling our backyards with vibrant flowers, plants, and garden accessories! Here are […]

Summer Lawn Care Tips

In Carmel, Indiana, we all know the saying, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes and it will change.” It’s true of Indiana summers, too. One day it may be in the 90s and the next day it can be in the 60s. We can have a monsoon, (as we’ve experienced this […]

6 Tips to Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

While the weather has not yet decided on whether or not it is ready for springtime, we know that everyone is pretty much done with the cold and ready to enjoy the outdoors again. Here at GreenLawn by Design, we want to make sure that your property is ready for spring. To help you out, […]

Why it’s Important to Mulch Yearly

You may have been thinking about what is going to be blooming in your flower beds this year for some time now- but have you thought about the mulch? If you have landscape beds or trees on your property, it is important that they have sufficient, properly applied mulch because, in addition to the polished […]

Finding The Best Local Landscape Company

We always hear “buy local” or “support local businesses” and you should with your local lawn care service provider too! Supporting local businesses allows for more money to stay in your area’s economy and it creates more jobs for your community. There are many local professional landscape and lawn care companies in the area, but you […]

GreenLawn by Design Celebrates 15 Years

When Royce & Catherine Simpkins launched GreenLawn by Design 15 years ago, we had the vision of a company that took a customer-driven approach. It was something we felt the local marketplace was lacking at the time and we wanted to build a company that could better meet the needs of its clients. Bringing industry […]