Why it’s Important to Mulch Yearly

You may have been thinking about what is going to be blooming in your flower beds this year for some time now- but have you thought about the mulch? If you have landscape beds or trees on your property, it is important that they have sufficient, properly applied mulch because, in addition to the polished look it gives to your landscape, mulch is one of the keys to growing healthy, beautiful, thriving plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees. Because traditional mulch breaks down over the course of a year, it is vital to re-apply it annually, and spring is a prime time to do so.

Benefits of Mulch

Mulch does so much more than creating a picturesque landscape. In fact, the unseen benefits may outweigh the observable. If applied correctly each year, mulch provides significant assistance to the plants it surrounds:

  • Reduces surface water evaporation from the soil
  • Prevents soil erosion during extreme weather conditions
  • Improves water penetration and air movement
  • Moderates soil temperature changes-keeping soil cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Protects shallow-root plants from freeze damage or intense sun damage
  • Discourages weed growth
  • Decomposes to provide soil and plants with essential nutrients
  • Provides “natural” habitat for trees and shrubs
  • Makes weed removal easier-if they appear, they’ll have shallow roots

When and How to Mulch


Spring is a great time to re-apply mulch for several reasons. Harsh winter weather is over, mulch has broken down significantly over the fall and winter, and typically, this is time of year when we begin weeding, planting new vegetation, and cleaning up the landscaped areas of our property.

Mulch will be most effective when beds and plant bases are first cleared of weeds, leaves, and grass. With spring in full bloom, it is likely that you’ll need to do some clearing out first or hire the experts at GreenLawn by Design. Secondly, it is generally recommended that you replace mulch if its thickness is less than 1 inch. If your current mulch has weathered a summer, fall, and winter, it is likely to have thinned considerably due to decomposition and harsh weather. Finally, if you’re working on sprucing up your landscape for spring and summer, a new layer of beautiful mulch will put the finishing touch on all your hard work.


If you’re mulching around trees, flowers, plant and shrubs, here are few general tips and rules for application:

  • There’s no need to remove old mulch; Just add to existing mulch.
  • Mulch layers should be no deeper than 3-4 inches- Mulch that is too thick can reduce air circulation and suffocate young plants.
  • Never let mulch touch the base of a plant-Make a “doughnut” shape with mulch around plants and trees, leaving 2-3 inches of space around the base.

If your landscape is in need of new mulch this spring, and you want your property to look impressive and manicured, let GreenLawn by Design take care of mulching and bed care for you. Our team of trained lawn care professionals will perform a spring clean up of your mulched areas and add a fresh new layer that will leave your property ready for outdoor entertaining and relaxing all summer long. Your outdoor environment is something that you should and will be proud of when you have GreenLawn by Design take care of all your Carmel area landscaping needs. We treat your home and business like it’s our own and it shows. Contact GreenLawn by Design at 317-804-8088.