Why Hiring A Local Lawn Care Company Is Better For Your Lawn  

For this month’s blog, we’re stepping away from our usual topics to shed light on what makes GreenLawn by Design different and why choosing a local lawn care company is beneficial for your lawn.  

Understanding the Trend  

Over the years, we’ve noticed a recurring trend within the lawn care industry – former company owners starting new ventures with the sole goal of growing rapidly for a quick sale to the highest bidder. This shift can leave customers feeling disconnected and unsupported. We understand the disappointment that comes with signing up for a local, family-owned service only to find out that your property is now serviced by a franchised chain.  

Why GreenLawn by Design Stands Out  

1. Individualized Approach  

At GreenLawn by Design, we see our clients as individuals, not just as dollar signs. Our business model focuses on providing the highest quality service, growing organically by consistently delivering excellent results. We are not driven solely by the pursuit of profit but by the satisfaction and loyalty of our valued customers.  

2. Commitment to Customers  

GreenLawn by Design was born out of a garage sixteen years ago, founded by Catherine and Royce Simpkins. Childhood friends since the third grade, they share deep-rooted values that have become the foundation of our company’s success. Our commitment is not only to run a successful business but to build a lasting company that our clients and families can rely on.  

3. Building an Enduring Company  

We aim to create a lawn care service that stands the test of time, a company we can be proud of. Our dedication to providing exceptional service and earning the loyalty of our clients sets us apart. We understand the impact landscaping has on your home and property value, and we take that responsibility seriously.  

Discover the GreenLawn Difference  

When you choose GreenLawn by Design, you’re selecting a local company with deep roots in Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, and the surrounding areas north of Indianapolis. Our understanding of the local needs and our commitment to preserving our ecosystem through organic lawn care make us a reliable choice. Experience the difference a local, dedicated lawn care company can make for your property.  

If you want to learn more about our services, discover the latest sales, or see the results of our satisfied customers, explore our blog, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. Ready to transform your lawn? Call us at (317) 804-8088 or leave a message online to schedule services like lawn fertilization, tree and shrub care, and more!  

Thank you for entrusting GreenLawn by Design with the care of your lawn.