What are Bio-Nutrients

Bio-Nutrients: Safer Lawn Care With Surprising Results

If you’ve been considering professional lawn care treatment but are concerned about safety for people, pets, and their effect on the environment, a safer lawn care program that uses bio-nutrient supplements is the perfect solution for you.

What are bio-nutrients?

Bio-nutrients are supplements derived from natural sources that help improve a plant’s ability to thrive without the use of chemical assistance. Bio-nutrients improve plant uptake, the roots’ ability to absorb water from the soil while also reducing the amount of pesticides and fertilizer needed to achieve a beautiful and healthy lawn.

How do bio-nutrients keep weeds away?

Lawns treated with bio-nutrient supplements develop a stronger root system and thicker turf because they are healthier from the soil up. Weeds and problem grasses are literally crowded out because they have no room to grow.

How do bio-nutrients defend against pests?

Lawn health starts in the soil. An eco-friendly lawn care service using bio-nutrients helps create a healthy soil environment, yielding strong plants that are better able to withstand pests. Healthy soil may even attract natural enemies of common pests, which can help to keep those populations under control.

Do green lawn care products work?

In one word – yes. Bio-nutrients help create a healthy plant cycle with its own natural defense system: healthy soil —> strong roots and thick turf —> fewer weeds and pests —> less fertilizer and pesticides.

Can’t I just handle natural weed and pest control myself?

Googling DIY natural weed and pest control will yield too many formulas and methods for managing weeds and pests yourself. Some methods work, some don’t. None of them will do what a complete eco-friendly lawn service will do. This type of lawn care service will treat weeds and pests as part of a holistic plan for your entire lawn, helping it thrive from the roots and turf up, so it is better able to defend itself against weeds and pests, endure changes in weather and conditions, and come back from dormancy more quickly and greener after a long winter.

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