Teeing Off for a Great Cause: GreenLawn by Design’s Commitment to ICaleb&Co

It’s not every day that one can blend a passion for greener landscapes with a mission to make the world a better place. At GreenLawn by Design, however, we believe that nurturing our community goes beyond tending to lawns – it stretches to the very heart of our shared human experience. This is why we are incredibly proud to continue our support of the ICaleb&Co Charity, a beacon of hope for children battling cancer.

This past Saturday, we had the pleasure of sponsoring the 10th Annual ICaleb&Co Golf Outing at the picturesque Hamlet Golf Course. This isn’t just any golf event. It’s a day where community, compassion, and commitment converge on the greens, all with the singular goal of making a real difference in the lives of children undergoing cancer treatment at South Bend Memorial Hospital.

This year was exceptional, even by the high standards set in the previous years of the outing. Participants and donors alike stepped up, making it a record-breaking year in terms of fundraising. But what does this mean for the children at South Bend Memorial Hospital?

It means that every child in active treatment will receive an iPad, an Otter Box, and an iTunes card, courtesy of the proceeds from this event. These items are not just luxuries; they serve as lifelines, offering both entertainment and connection during challenging times, and helping to make the hospital feel a little less like a medical facility and a bit more like home.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Seth, Andrea, Carsen, and Caleb for their relentless efforts in organizing this event and inspiring us all with their dedication. Their work truly embodies the hashtag #StrongerThanCancer, reminding us of the power of community and resilience in the face of adversity.

As we continue to strive for greener, healthier landscapes at GreenLawn by Design, we’re equally dedicated to cultivating a healthier, more hopeful community. Our involvement with the ICaleb&Co Charity is a testament to this.

We invite you to join us in supporting this remarkable mission. Remember, every dollar counts. If you would like to contribute, find out more or donate, please visit the ICaleb&Co website.

Together, let’s continue to make this world a better place, one tee-off and one green lawn at a time.