Summer Lawn Care Tips

All lawns need nutrients to survive. In the spring, the emphasis is on fertilization and weed control to restore a lawn’s health and color after the winter months. But, when summer hits, the temperatures rise and the rain in some areas becomes less frequent or we experience too much rain like this year. Check out our three simple lawn care tips for the Carmel, Westfield area. There are two main types of grasses, cool-season grasses and warm-season grasses that grow best in temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s respectively. Lawns start to struggle once the temperature exceeds 80 degrees and could show signs of fading or even go dormant. Here are some summer lawn care tips to help keep your lawn in the Carmel, Indiana area looking green and healthy through the hot summer months.
  1. Lawn Watering

    One important aspect of summer lawn care is lawn watering. Watering is a little trickier than it appears and should be handled delicately, especially in the summer months. It is important to not over water, lawns should receive about an inch of water per week. Any rain or precipitation a lawn receives is included in the one inch which is why keeping track of the weekly precipitation helps to avoid overwatering. The inch of water should be spread slowly and evenly during watering. This will encourage deep watering which leads to stronger, drought-tolerant roots. It is also best to water early in the day before the temperature reaches its height and the lawn is holding the most moisture. Watering during the hottest point of the day will waste water to evaporation. If a lawn goes dormant, watering it will not help. The lawn will restore itself when the temperatures change again in the fall and then it can be watered again. Good watering practices are important for maintaining a healthy lawn in the summer.
  2. Lawn Mowing

    Lawn mowing is another important aspect of summer lawn care. Keeping grass at the right length is the key when mowing lawns in the summer. Taller grass yields deeper roots that are more resistant to droughts and help prevent weed growth and germination. It is best to mow cool-season grasses at 3-4 inches and warm-season grasses at 2-3 inches. It also helps to mow regularly so that no more than a third of the grass blade is cut at a time. This is healthier for the grass and prevents long clippings from smothering the lawn. The clippings can be mulched and used to preserve moisture in the lawn. Mowing the lawn regularly to the correct lengths will help maintain a lawn’s health throughout the summer.
  3. Fertilizer and Weed Control

    The final aspect of good summer lawn care is lawn applications such as fertilizer, weed control, and insect control. The summer lawn application strengthens your lawn while managing persistent weeds. Bio-nutrient supplements included in this treatment, help your lawn continue to thrive in the summer heat while improving the cell structure of the grass. We also recommend a grub preventative treatment during this visit to keep white grubs from potentially destroying your lawn. (available in our Premium and Supreme Lawn Care Packages. Keeping a healthy lawn also helps protect against pest infestation because lawns that get stressed or go dormant are more likely to get infestations. Summer is the season when grubs hatch so grub control can start being applied in midsummer if there are signs of grubs or if the lawn has a history of grub infestations.
Following these tips should help ensure a lush, healthy lawn during the hottest summer months in the Carmel, Indiana area. Careful watering, lawn care and pest control treatments, along with regular mowing will keep your lawn healthy and green all summer long. Do not let your lawn go dormant or become stressed in the summer, follow these tips to maintain a healthy summer lawn in Central Indiana. Is your lawn a source of pride, a place for your family to play, an oasis for relaxing? If you answered no and don’t have time to care for your lawn and landscape, trust the local, award-winning, veteran owned experts at GreenLawn by Design. We do more than make your grass green….we make your neighbors green with envy! Call 317-804-8088 or complete online form at