Memorial Day

Memorial Day signals the end of cold, harsh winters and the start of swimming pools, sunbathing and vacation season. I think it is important that everyone remembers what Memorial Day is really about; it isn’t the “official start of summer,” it is not a day to recover from the drunken stupor which was a result of watching the Indianapolis 500, nor is it a day to take off of work to fire up the barbecue. Memorial Day is a time to honor and remember the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Memorial Day is a day of reflection and contemplation, as well as being a day for us to show our gratitude to those who fought and gave everything for our lives and livelihoods. These brave warriors put everything on the line for us and deserve, at the very least, one day of appreciation. If you’d like to show your gratitude to those that made our lives today possible, we have a few useful ways to give back on Memorial Day so you can repay the service these veterans and soldiers gave to us in some small way.

Veterans and fallen soldiers dedicate their lives to protecting and preserving our way of life and Memorial Day is just one way that we can say thank you. Whether you know someone personally in the armed forces or tangentially through someone else, Memorial Day is your chance to look outside of yourself. Many people get the day off so they have time to focus on what Memorial Day will mean to them.

There are many ways you can give back.

Decorate a Memorial Site
Buy a Veteran a Meal
Do a Charity Run
Ship a Care Package
Mow a Veterans Lawn
Give Your Time

Memorial Day is a very special occasion for GreenLawn by Design, as the company’s military roots run deep. Owner, Royce Simpkins is an Army Career Veteran himself. As a Veteran-Owned Company, we salute Veterans not only on Memorial Day; everyday with our 10% Veterans Discount! You’ve dedicated yourself to protecting Americans from danger and we believe that you have earned our gratitude and a big “thank you”. I encourage you to take time this weekend to give back. Attend a local Memorial Day ceremony, or to remember, for a few moments, in some simple way, those who have fallen in service to the nation. This nation owes its liberties and its benefits of democracy because of those who offered and gave their all in war to defend them.