Memorial Day

Memorial Day has been set aside to remember those who fell, who gave their last full measure on battlefields far from home, in defense of us, or in defense of those around the world whose lives and liberties were threatened by those who would bring only oppression and terror.

Our society has become, in many ways, a pleasure seeking society, a society of individuals in pursuit of good times for themselves, or those who are “like us.” Still, even today, there are the few, the one percent, who still understand that life and liberty are for all and that they are tenuous gifts that must be defended often from the threats of oppression, ignorance, and terror.


This Memorial Day weekend gives the nation and opportunity to honor those who not only understood their duty to this higher cause, but willingly gave their lives for it and for others, yes, even those that they would never know, or meet. Their sacrifices have kept this nation free for over 241 years and have helped others around the world retain their freedom from oppression.

We must never forget that sacrifice. Never!

There is no greater love than to lay ones life down for others. They deserve our loving respect in return.


We hope that all Americans will thoroughly enjoy the freedoms and the pleasures of this Memorial Day weekend. But we also encourage you to take time out of your day on Monday to attend a local Memorial Day ceremony, or to remember, for a few moments, in some simple way, those who have fallen in service to the nation. This nation owes its liberties and its benefits of democracy because of those who offered and gave their all in war to defend them.

Memorial Day is a very special occasion, as the company’s military roots run deep.  Owner Royce Simpkins is an Army Career Veteran himself.  As a Veteran-Owned Company, GreenLawn by Design Salutes Veterans not only on Memorial Day; everyday with our 10% Veterans Discount!  You’ve dedicated yourself to protecting Americans from danger and we believe that you have earned our gratitude and a big “thank you”.

May is also National Military Appreciation Month and veterans, service members and their families are being honored with free admission, discounts, deals, and sales. Find out more here.