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The Perfect Christmas Gift: Lawn Care

What do you get the loved one who has everything? The parent that always says they don’t need anything? What is the perfect gift for someone this holiday season that they can enjoy all year round?  Lawn care services! Every homeowner always has some kind of lawn care or home improvement project that they need done. Getting loved ones a lawn care gift is a practical choice that they can use all year. Here are some great gift ideas this season.

Yearly Mowing

The biggest gift that you could give is a year of mowing. This means a company will come out once a week during mowing months and take care of the property. This can range between 30-40 mowings a year pending the weather. This will create a stress free lawn and more time for them to spend with friends or family.

Lawn Care Programs

All lawns need nutrients to survive, feeding the lawn and the soil is environmentally friendly and results in a healthier, vital lawn. Check out three of our most popular lawn care programs: Basic Lawn Care, Premium Lawn Care and Supreme Lawn Care Package.  Each has a list of what is included with our service. Please remember that we can completely customize a program just for you. We have designed several different programs to help your lawn grow to its fullest potential.

Snow Removal

If you are wanting a gift that is more winter themed, snow removal is the service for you. Hiring a snow removal company is easy. Most local lawn and landscaping companies perform snow removal in the winter. Signing up for snow removal services means the property will be serviced during each snow event to insure that the resident can leave the home safely if they need to.

Drainage Solution

A lot of homeowners have drainage issues. They are often forgotten if they do not run directly into the home, but they can always damage and ruin the yard. This decreases the amount of space you can use outdoors and the resale value. By having a landscape professional evaluate the property to find a solution, you will be saving the homeowner money in the long run on repairs and giving them a usable lawn.

Landscape Maintenance

Last but not least in the lawn care gift options, flower beds. Everyone loves a beautiful bed of flowers or shrubs to admire on their property. Commissioning a landscaping company to come in the spring and clean up or redo a bed and spread mulch is a fantastic way to start a new year. This will take the stress away from having to do it yourself.

This has been a crazy year and where everyone is trying to find a way to stress less, lawn care gifts are a great way to give that to someone you care about. Do not miss the chance to give someone something they need and will use. Almost all companies will allow you to prepay or place a card on file for payment so that they never see a bill. Give a lawn care gift this holiday season.

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