Lawn Care is More than Mowing!

How many of us have dreamed of having “that lawn” – you know, the one that sticks out because its full, has no crab grass and is perfectly green? That doesn’t happen by running the mower once a week and raking the clippings. That takes time that most of us don’t have or would rather spend with the family!

Here is a list of lawn care options that a professional company should be able to provide or things you can take care of on your own to create the perfect yard!

1. Weekly Lawn Services

2. Tree and Plant Health Care

3. Weed and Pest Control by Licensed/Certified Applicators

4. Core Aeration, Overseeding of Turf Grass

5. Plant Bed Maintenance

6. Seasonal Color

7. Curb, Sidewalk, and Bed Edging

8. Mulch Applications

9. Spring and Fall Clean Ups

10. Tree and Shrub Pruning

At GreenLawn by Design we offer a wide range of commercial and residential landscape maintenance services. The condition of your landscaping plays a large role in the overall appeal and interest of your commercial or residential property. GreenLawn by Design will use their experience and assist you in creating your long-lasting landscape appeal and help in minimizing long term maintenance.

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