Core Lawn Aeration Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, Indiana

Royce Simpkins, owner and operator of GreenLawn by Design discusses the importance of Core Lawn Aeration and over-seed. The majority of Central Indiana lawns are clay based and therefore are susceptible to soil compaction. When the soil below your lawn is compacted it restricts the flow of water, nutrients and oxygen to the root system. This will result in poor lawn growth which leads to a lawn more susceptible to weeds. Hard and compacted soils cause a shallow root system which will struggle to cope with the stress of weather conditions. We can alleviate the soil compaction with a process called core aeration. Our new, top-of-the line aerator runs over the lawn and removes plugs of soil. Designed with hollow tines, the core aerator punches holes in the lawn as it moves, leaving plugs of soil on the surface of the lawn and opening up holes for oxygen and water to enter the soil.

When the soil is no longer compacted your lawn becomes more weed resistant. New grass growth and new seed is encouraged and this fills in your lawn ensuring it is stronger, denser and less prone to weed invasions. Aeration of the soil will encourage a deeper root system making your lawn more drought tolerant. When you use a core aerator those plugs of soil left on the surface of the lawn will provide your lawn with an active top dressing. If you take the opportunity to fertilize after aerating, the fertilizer is more likely to get to exactly where it is the most effective, the roots. And, one last benefit of aeration or eliminating soil compaction, an aerated lawn will retain far greater levels of water so you don’t have to water as often…saving you time, effort and money.

Aeration is recognized by lawn experts as the best treatment to control thatch, reduce compaction, improve drainage, increase air, water and nutrients to the roots, fill-in bare spots, increase the effectiveness of fertilizer, and revitalize growth. GreenLawn by Design uses the highest quality seed, fertilizer and top-of-the line aerator’s that are guaranteed to aerate your lawn better than the competition resulting in a more lush and healthy lawn, making your yard the envy of your neighborhood.

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