Importance of Pre-Emergent

As the season approaches, proper planning and application of pre-emergents can make a significant difference in the overall health and appearance of the lawn. What is a pre-emergent? Pre-emergents are herbicides applied to soil before weed seeds germinate, inhibiting early weed growth in lawn care. These herbicides disrupt cell division or root development, persisting in the soil for weeks to months.  

Weeds are annual plants and come from seeds like everything else in your lawn. Applying a pre-emergent stops weed seeds from germinating. But it’ll also stop grass seed from germinating – so be careful! 

Application methods include granular or liquid forms, and require subsequent watering. While effective against weed seeds, pre-emergents don’t address existing weeds, making them part of a broader weed management strategy. 

Pre-emergents are effective against the following weeds: 

  1. African Lovegrass (Eragrostis curvula) 
  2. Barnyard Grass (Echinocloa crus-galli) 
  3. Chickweed (Ceratium glomeratum) 
  4. Crab Grass (Digitaria sanguinalis) 
  5. Crowsfoot Grass (Eleusine indica) 
  6. Creeping Oxalis (Oxalis corniculata) 
  7. Cudweed (Gnaphalium spp) 
  8. Paspalum (Paspalum dilatatum) 
  9. Prairie Grass (Bromus wildenowie) 
  10. Rat’s Tail Fescue (Vulpia myuros) 
  11. Ryegrass (Lolium perenne) 
  12. Sow Thistle (Sonchus spp) 
  13. Summer Grass (Digitaria ciliaris) 
  14. Willowherb(Epilobium ciliatum) 
  15. Winter Grass (Poa annua) 

When is pre-emergent applied? Crabgrass begins to germinate or grow when the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Apply pre-emergent herbicide before seeds germinate, usually when spring soil temperatures warm to 50 °F and higher. Once the crabgrass sprouts through the soil, pre-emergent is not really a good option anymore. You can use a post-emergent herbicide after the crabgrass has sprouted above the soil to take care of the problem. 

Pre-emergent is crucial for maintaining a healthy and weed-free lawn. Effective weed control is a key component of maintaining a lush and vibrant lawn.  

Remember, a proactive approach with pre-emergents is an essential part of a broader weed management strategy that includes regular lawn maintenance and other targeted control measures. If there are any inquiries or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask for guidance by contacting us at 317-804-8088. Here’s to a successful and weed-free lawn care season!