Grub Alert Carmel, Indiana

Grubs are here…is your lawn ready?

Grub worms, which are the larvae of June beetles, can wreak havoc to the Carmel, Indiana area lawns as we move into late summer.  They destroy your lawn by feeding on grass roots, leaving a carpet of grass that will stay green for a short time after the damage is already done, but will soon die.  The good news is that NOW is the time to treat for grub worms and today’s blog entry will give you all the information you need to win the battle.

Grubs are the larval stage of various insects and reside right beneath the surface in the topsoil.  These little guys cause major damage to your turf.  They can destroy large portions of healthy lawns in a matter of days or weeks.  Grubs are public enemy #1 when it comes to insects that damage your lawn.  Royce recently spotted an outbreak of grubs in the Hamilton County area as shown in picture on right.

Grub worms have a three year life cycle.  In our area the beetle lay its eggs in late spring, with the grub emerging in a few weeks.  They start feeding pretty much instantly, as we’ve said, on the root system of your grass.  The problem is you often can’t see the damage until it already done because the carpet of grass that no longer has a good root system will stay green a short time after the roots are gone.  Another problem with grubs is that animals love to eat them, and if you have them around, they’ll start digging up your lawn to feed on the grubs causing even more damage.

Here are three reasons to care about grub worms and their subsequent removal in your lawn.

  • To Keep Your Lawn Alive – If your lawn has a white grub infestation, your yard is at risk of  growing so unhealthy that it will die.  At first, you’ll notice brown patches…but it’s just a symptom of a greater issue (a complete lack of root system).  In fact, your turf could currently be host to hundreds of grubs right now, which destroy your lawn at the roots, leaving unfortunate (and ugly) brown patches in your grass, before killing it entirely.  That’s why, at GreenLawn by Design, we apply preventative grub treatment to keep your turf intact.


  • To Protect Your Children and Pets – Because we care about your family and your pets, we choose to use Imidacloprid when treating grubs. This special formula is safe to use on the lawn where you and your loved ones enjoy time together.

  • To Save the Pollinators and Earthworms – Many insecticides blanket your yard with harmful chemicals, not only to you, but to the environment. GreenLawn by Design desires to preserve honey bees, bumble bees and earthworms for the benefit of your outdoor space, our community and the world.

One low-dose treatment per year provides superior grub control to save your yard while protecting the environment and the ones you love.

If you have more questions about GreenLawn by Design’s Grub Control, contact us online or call us to learn more: 317.804.8088.