Greener Lawn by Design?

Use this simple trick to keep the grass greener. If you ever wanted a greener lawn with fewer weeds, less fertilizer and less water then this simple trick is for you. Best of all its free! It’s so simple most people don’t believe it until they see it for themselves.

When mowing your lawn don’t cut your grass below 3 inches. If your lawn mower will let you adjust the mowing height, 3.5 inches works even better.

Why does this work?

Here is the science behind this trick: At the top of a grass plant there is a long blade known as the leaf. The longer the leaf on the grass blade the more shading of the soil the grass leaf provides. Crabgrass will not grow in the shade. Even better, shade reduces the evaporation from the soil (saving water). The longer the leaf the slower the grass will grow, which means less cutting for you. The longer the grass leaf the more food the grass makes for itself via photosynthesis, which mean it needs less fertilizer.

Having your lawn mowed between 3 to 4 inches might be the very best thing you will ever do for your lawn.

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