Routine lawn maintenance is vital to a healthy, beautiful lawn. One of the most important lawn care services you can give your lawn is core aerationAerating your lawn provides grass roots with greater access to nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy and provides several benefits.

Here are some ways in which your lawn in Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, and the surrounding areas benefits from core aeration.

Enjoy a Healthier Lawn

Core aeration is a type of lawn care service in which a special machine with hollow tines is run across your lawn and mechanically removes plugs or “cores” of soil and thatch from the lawn. Your grass needs air, water, sunlight, and nutrients to grow deep, strong roots. Over time, the soil in your lawn becomes compacted due to foot traffic and weather, restricting the flow of nutrients to your lawn’s roots. When your lawn can’t get the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy, it weakens and becomes more susceptible to pests and diseases and eventually dies.

Core aeration helps loosen compacted soil and provides access for nutrients, water, and light to penetrate deep down into your lawn. This allows grass roots to breathe and grow deeper into the soil and create a strong, well-established lawn. Aeration is most effective when performed in the fall to give your grass an extra boost of health when springtime comes.

Core aeration is most effective when performed in the fall. Aerating your lawn during the fall gives your lawn the boost of health it needs to survive the winter and grow strong and vibrant during the spring.

Enhanced Seed Germination

Our company's core aeration services enhance seed germination for this lawn in Concord, MA.

Aeration pairs perfectly with overseeding, as it enhances seed germination by providing the seeds access to the deeper parts of your lawn’s soil. When you seed your lawn, much of the seed is wasted on top and never makes it down deep into the soil where the seeds can germinate and take root. Holes created by core aeration allow the tiny seeds to sink down deep into your lawn’s soil and germinate deep within, safe from any disturbances on your lawn’s surface. These holes provide a safe haven for your grass seeds, away from pests, birds, and foot traffic, allowing them to germinate and successfully take root deep in the soil.

Increased Resilience Against Pests and Diseases

Because your lawn becomes stronger and healthier with core aeration, it gains increased resilience against pests and diseases. When your grass suffers from soil compaction and thatch, it doesn’t receive the proper nutrition it needs to grow strong. This causes your grass blades to weaken and become more susceptible to pest infestation, fungal growth, and diseases. Core aeration allows essential nutrients to penetrate deep down to your grass’ roots, strengthening its immune system and resilience against common lawn issues.

Improved Lawn Appearance

A lawn after our company's core aeration and overseeding services in Leominster, MA.

When your lawn is healthy, strong, and free of diseases and pests, it looks its best. Core aeration delivers the necessary nutrition to your grass to keep it looking thick, lush, and green. Because core aeration allows grass seeds to sink deeper into your soil and germinate undisturbed, your lawn will benefit from a fuller and more vibrant appearance. Core aeration also helps prevent unsightly weeds by eliminating sparse patches in your lawn and crowding out any chances for weeds to develop in your yard.

Strengthen your lawn’s health with our core aeration services

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