Aeration and Overseeding

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There’s an old saying that beautiful lawns are made in the fall. Most of us don’t think about our lawns until spring, but fall is the most crucial time to act if you want to have a beautiful lawn the following spring. Lawn core aeration and over-seed is among the best and quickest method to improve the turf density of your existing lawn according to Purdue’s Turf Scientists.

4 Reasons To have your lawn aerated and over-seeded this fall 


Having a professional lawn aeration company core and seed your lawn helps control lawn thatch from getting too thick, causing the grass to suffer. Have your lawn aerated yearly in the fall to encourage healthy growth and control lawn thatch. 


The majority of Central Indiana lawns are clay based and therefore are susceptible to soil compaction. Soil compaction can prevent your lawn to grow long roots. When the soil below your lawn is compacted it restricts the flow of water, nutrients and oxygen to the root system. This will result in poor lawn growth which leads to a lawn more susceptible to weeds. Hard and compacted soils cause a shallow root system which will struggle to cope with the stress of weather conditions. We can alleviate the soil compaction with a process called core aeration. 


We said it. Coring will cause the roots to be severed apart. This will cause the roots to multiply causing more growth and making your lawn thicker and more luscious as it regrows. It can encourage more soil oxygenation as well and increase the effectiveness of fertilizer and revitalize growth. 

4. Aerated lawns experience greater resiliency

The turf will be able to handle incidents of stress, such as extreme heat and lack of water, which we have seen this season. In other words, aerating your lawn not only makes the grass thicker and healthier, but it also helps your lawn bounce back more quickly from extreme conditions. 

Our new, top-of-the line aerator runs over the lawn and removes plugs of soil. Designed with hollow tines, the core aerator punches holes in the lawn as it moves, leaving plugs of soil on the surface of the lawn and opening up holes for oxygen and water to enter the soil, resulting in a more lush and healthy lawn. 

Royce Simpkins, owner and operator of GreenLawn by Design discusses the benefits of core Lawn Aeration and over-seed in this video. 

Core aeration and over-seed is done in the fall to all accessible turf areas as germination and growth slows as temperatures cool and the days get shorter. It is critical to aerate and seed in the fall for beautiful lawns in the spring. Waiting to aerate and seed your lawn in the spring prohibits use of any pre-emergent products resulting in a lawn full of weeds. Stay ahead of the weeds next year by aerating and over-seeding in the fall.

We also recommend a fall fertilization to control perennial broadleaf weeds. It’s the most important time for cool-season turf grasses. The reason behind this is because fertilizing in the fall helps establish stronger roots, making the lawn more durable against summer heat and drought conditions. If you do not have a fertilization application scheduled this fall, call our office today and your roots will approve!

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Schedule your end-of-season aeration, over-seed and fall fertilization with GreenLawn by Design. Stay ahead of the weeds next year.