Transforming Yards into Family-Friendly Oasis

With many stuck at home during the pandemic, Americans have been spending more of their lives outside in their yard. This is how our habits have changed.

With nearly all public gatherings called off, Americans are seeking out landscaping ideas and looking to redesign their yard. Now that we are spending our days at home, with our landscape close at hand, Americans appear to be remembering how unpleasant it can be to look at their own back yard.

One of the biggest issues that many people face when choosing their new landscaping is the fact that they rarely remember to think past the concept of wanting a pretty yard. It’s all right, though; that’s just why we are not all professional landscape designers. What ends up happening is this; you fall in love with what you do to your yard in the beginning, but it does not take long at all before you begin realizing that your choices might not have been the best. So many homeowners allow things like time, price and aesthetic appeal make their decisions for them when planning a lovely landscape, but it’s about more than that. That’s why, as professional landscapers, we have learned so many little tips and tricks that make a huge difference in the way that we view our jobs. When we look at your lawn, home and yard, we see the big picture; not just the pretty picture.

With that in mind, there are the things that every professional landscaper wants their clients to consider when planning their landscape. Knowing that you should keep these factors in mind helps you understand a bit more of what we see and what we consider when we come up with a game plan for your landscaping upon visiting your home for the first time.

Learn your Yard

The first and most important aspect of any good landscape design plan is an intricate knowledge of your lawn. What is planted, added and removed is all considered based on the yard in which you call your own. Does your lawn have full sun, partial, very little? Does your lawn harbor a lot of rainwater and not dry out quickly thanks to ample tree cover? There are so many things that must be considered when it comes to choosing a design for your lawn. The best laid plans are those in which you know what type of lawn you have so that you can determine which plants and trees will grow best in your conditions.

Yard Usage Matters

Sure, having a gorgeous lawn matters very much to most homeowners. But what matters even more so is the fact that your yard will be used for something very specific. Most people just want to have the prettiest yard possible, and they often forget that their lawns are used by other people, animals and for certain aspects of life. Do you have kids that like to run around and throw the ball? This might mean you need to keep as much space open as possible so that they have room in which to do this. Do you have animals that like to go outside and wander? You’re going to want to keep that in mind since many plants are not all that good for animals. There is so much to consider, and that’s why you might hear us asking you about who will use your yard on a regular basis.

Bringing it all Together

Think about your lawn like you think about the interior of your home. You want each room to have its own individual appeal, naturally, but you also want each room to flow seamlessly into other rooms of your home. Bringing everything together matters, otherwise your home ends up looking a little bit like it doesn’t go well together. The way in which you design your yard should be much like this. You want each portion of your landscaping to be its own individual type, but you want it all to work together. For example, some people forget that they have side yards that bring together their front and back yards, and that’s why it’s so common to see beautiful landscaping in the front and back, and a very boring, neglected side yard. One of the biggest concerns for professionals is bringing it all together and tying it all in to create one masterpiece instead of separate yards.

Thinking Ahead

Finally, it’s so important to keep the future in mind. When you choose the plants and trees you want in your yard, you have to consider the fact that they will eventually become quite large. This means that a cute little tree you are certain will look beautiful in front of the door right now might one day grow so large that it has issues with roots in the concrete patio or even worse. You have to consider plants in their maturity, not just their current state. This is what’s going to help you end up with just the right mixture of plants and trees, without the worry that they might not work so well in a few years.

Amid the uncertainty about how bad the outbreak could get — there are now hundreds of thousands of cases in the United States, with the number of dead multiplying by the day — Americans appear to want few things more than a beautiful landscaped yard. The outdoors is the best place for your children and the entire family to bond and create memories. Get help from the landscaping experts in transforming your yard into a family-friendly oasis. Contact us at GreenLawn by Design 317-804-8088.