What are Bio-Nutrients

Bio-Nutrients: Safer Lawn Care With Surprising Results If you’ve been considering professional lawn care treatment but are concerned about safety for people, pets, and their effect on the environment, a safer lawn care program that uses bio-nutrient supplements is the perfect solution for you. What are bio-nutrients? Bio-nutrients are supplements derived from natural sources that help improve […]

The Best Time to Aerate and Reseed Your Lawn

If your lawn is looking thin or bare, it might be time to aerate and sow it with a layer of grass seed to restore it to its lush, green state. The cool-season grasses of Indiana fare best in earl spring or the fall when the air is cool but the soil is warm, giving grass […]

GreenLawn by Design Anniversary 2014

When Royce & Catherine Simpkins launched GreenLawn by Design 10 years ago, we had the vision of a company that took a customer-driven approach. It was something we felt the local marketplace was lacking at the time and we wanted to build a company that could better meet the needs of its clients. Bringing industry experience with us, […]